Mighty Grip 90%

The McKicks Mighty Grip is a 90% tungsten dart set. The barrel of the Mighty Grip 90% has a straight shape, combined with a black ringed grip. The Mighty grip is well known for being part of the McKicks range for a very long time. Besides this, the Mighty Grip is very similar to the dart which the best player of the world is playing with. These darts come in three different weights: 21-23-25 gram. The Premium Mighty Grip darts are made in New Zealand, where many high-quality darts come from. The dart set comes with the Mighty Grip Flight, the Short Blue Glowlite Shaft and Steel Dart Points Black 35mm.

SKU Weight Barrel Length Barrel Width
1012221 21 gram 52.30 mm 6.35 mm
1012223 23 gram 52.30 mm 6.20 mm
1012225 25 gram 54.10 mm 6.35 mm