Turbo Orange 80%

The McKicks Turbo Orange is a 80% tungsten dart set. The barrel of the Turbo Orange 80% is as straight as a line, with a firm ringed grip along the entire barrel. Despite the fact that the dart looks very simple, it has been developed especially for professional dart players. The Turbo Orange darts have been launched to the McKicks range in December 2014. The McKicks Turbo Orange darts comes in three different weights; 21-23-25 gram. The Turbo Orange Darts are made in New Zealand, where many high-quality darts come from. The dart set comes with the McKicks Lightning Clear Orange Flights, the Lightning Slim Black Shaft and Steel Dart Points Black 35mm.

SKU Weight Barrel Length Barrel Width
101321 21 gram 52.40 mm 6.85 mm
101323 23 gram 52.40 mm 6.85 mm
101325 25 gram 52.40 mm 6.90 mm